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Adoption Story
There once was a baby named William whose parents couldn’t take care of him. He went to stay with a lady named Gloria’s house until he was one year old while his adoption worker, Lynn, was looking for him a Mommie and Daddy.  For a while he went to Mike and Diane’s house.  They tried to be his Mommie and Daddy but it didn’t work out. Then Lynn talked to Carolyn who said “I know just the right Mommie and Daddy for William, Raymond and Peggy.
Peggy couldn’t have a baby in her tummy.   She cried and she prayed “God give me just the right baby for me”.  So on March 29, 1984 Peggy and Grandma Daisy went to Carolyn’s office to bring William home to be a family.

William cried a lot when he was riding in the car to come home.  Mommie Peggy was worried because she thought he was sad.  After lunch they took his shoes off and found out the shoes were too small.   He was crying because his feet hurt.   He smiled and smiled then took a nap and woke up the happy little boy playing in his crib in the picture.

There were several men around when William came home including Bubba Earl and Papa Ron but when Raymond came home William knew that was his Daddy and said “dada”.

William didn’t have a middle name.  Peggy and Raymond gave him Raymond’s name for his middle name so he became William Raymond called Billy Ray.

Billy Ray was happy to be in his new family.   He smiled all the time.  He loved to play in the pots and pans cupboard when Mommie cooked dinner.   Sometimes he would pull all the pots and pans out of the cupboard and crawl into the cupboard.   He loved to play with Daddy Raymond, Bubba Earl, Papa Ron and Uncle Jim.

Then on October 23, 1984 Mommie and Billy Ray went to get pictures taken to help remember the day.  Then they went to court.  The Judge said William Raymond shall forever be the son of Raymond and Peggy.

That’s the story of how they came to be a family.

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