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Billy Ray Goes to the Clinic
Billy Ray goes to LaPine Clinic (LaPine, Oregon) to help him stay healthy and to feel better when he is sick.  Everyone is very nice to him at the Clinic. They take very good care of him.
Billy Ray's primary care provider is Brice Stanley, PA-C.  Billy Ray calls him "Dr. Brice" so that he can understand the role.  Billy Ray and Dr. Brice are buddies and have fun together.  When Dr. Brice is away "Dr. Angie" (Angie Enos, PA-C) knows about Billy Ray and is ready to fill in for Dr. Brice.
When Billy Ray comes through the doctor he waits in line to check in. When it is his turn he walks up to the reception desk.
The receptionist gives him a paper to put in the box so the nurse will know Billy Ray is here to see Dr. Brice.
When Dr. Brice is almost ready to see Billy Ray, Belinda, his nurse calls Billy Ray.  They stop at the scales and weigh then go into an examining room.  Billy Ray takes his outside shirt off so Belinda can take his blood pressure and temperature.  Then he waits for Dr. Brice to come in.  Billy Ray tries to be very patient.

When Dr. Brice comes in he asks Billy Ray how he feels then he examines him.  He will look in Billy Ray's ears and listen to his chest while Billy Ray blows on his finger to help him deep breathe.  If Billy Ray has a sore Dr. Brice will look at it.  Sometimes Dr. Brice will tell Billy Ray and Mom that Billy Ray should take some medicine.
Sometimes Billy Ray goes to the lab to see Dan for a blood test or x-ray.  Dan is his buddy so sometimes he just goes for a hug.
When he's all done Billy Ray likes to give all his friends at the Clinic hugs and they seem to like it too!
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