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Your child's schedule is as important to him as it would be to any busy executive.

Depending on your child's need for structure and sequence there are a variety of formats you can use for his schdule.  There are computer programs available or big calendars to put on the wall.

I make our own because it is not only for Billy Ray's schedule but a support staff training tool.  Generally I use either a Excel spreadsheet or Word Table.   I have tried for hours to insert the actual picture schedule in the form used on this page without success.

I am copying a sample of the pictures and text but am not able to get the actual form to load on here for you.
This page was last updated: March 29, 2011
Symbol to Use
Activity/Cue to Billy Ray
Caregiver Instruction
Billy Ray will wake up on his own (preferably) or at a specific time if he has appointments.

If he wakes up in a hyper or agitated state give him the as needed medication pursuant to protocol
Cue Billy Ray “it’s time to go potty
Sometimes he refuses toileting first thing in the morning.  If so proceed to the next step and come back to this one
“It’s time to wash your hands”
Cue him to put both hands under the warm which you have run until it is barely warm.

Cue him to get soap and rub around.

Cue him to rinse (needs a lot of reminding on this step).

Cue to dry hands (lots of reminding or he will leave hands dripping).

“It’s time for your blood test”
Have Billy Ray sit on right corner breakfast bar stool.  Conduct test as trained, referring to the protocol in manual as needed.

When completed give him the first set of meds and note blood sugar results and meds on journal
Time to Listen to Walkman and March
Since Billy Ray so frequently needs to burn off energy at this time, we are just adding this activity in.  Put walkman on and monitor him but allow him to march.  Then regroup and start with check planner when he seems tired.
Time to Check Planner
Go over his schedule with him so that he knows what his day will be like
“It’s time to feed your dogs”
Assist him in measuring dipper for each dog then pouring into their dishes
"It's time for breakfast"
Follow procedures in the manual for having him assist with breakfast.

The balance of his morning meds will be given with breakfast.

Cue Billy Ray to wash his hands, then “it’s time to put the dishes away.”
Staff removes sharp knives first.
Billy Ray puts cups and glasses away.
Note there will be days he will only do a few but other days he is willing to do all the cups, glasses, plates and bowls.

If he finishes all he can put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher if he wants (sometimes he can stay focused and loves doing this).

He is starting to want to wash pots and pans again.  Put squirt of soap and let him using sponge for a while then hand over hand finish with him.  Let him rinse and then help him assure he has all the soap off.

It's Time for Your Bath
Following Bath Protocol in Manual assist Billy Ray with bath
It's time to make your bed
Cue to take pillows off bed.

Cue to spread bedspread out.

Cue to put pillows and stuffed animals on his bed.
Depending the day of the week, show him Free Choice Visual or Symbol for the next activity in his day.