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Billy Ray
Visits His Doctor
One of Billy Ray's Visuals
Billy Ray goes to see his doctor, who he calls Dr. Rootbeer.When he walks in the front door he goes to the elevator.  He pushes the button to call the elevator. Then he gets into the elevator and pushes the “LL” to go to the basement.   He goes to the receptionist desk and gives the clerk his card.   She gives him a paper that he has to put in the window with an arrow pointing down. He sits down in the waiting room and watches a movie while he waits for Dr. Ruden.

The nurse calls Billy Ray into an examining room.   She has him stand on the scales to see how much he weighs and by the ruler to see how tall he is. Then Dr. Ruden comes in.   He talks to Billy Ray and his Mom about how he is doing.  Then he listens to Billy Ray’s heart and checks him to be sure he’s okay.