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This page was last updated: March 29, 2011
Sheba came to us at 5 months old.  She was inhibited from problems before she arrived so never showed interest in toys or fetching.  Her main quality was her loyalty and her love.  She was the easiest dog to train, very obedient and eager to please.  Her only request was just to live her life with Billy Ray and she did that so well.

She has seen Billy Ray through some pretty difficult times.  I don't know if we would have learned the service dog concept if it had not been for Sheba's sweetness and co-operation.  She went with us to motels, restaurants, grocery stores or wherever Billy Ray needed her comfort.  She loved to travel and handled it well.

The above is my favorite picture of them.  I have titled it Sheba comfort because she is keeping him calm while he shreds his papers at the Silver Falls School District Office.

Sheba developed problems with her rear knees and began putting more pressure on her front ones.  Soon all four were in such bad shape nothing could be done.  We tried alternative meds and prescription meds.  We explored surgery as an option but were advised against it.   She left us on June 28, 2004.